Personal Equipment

The primary impression of the Fox Company, 3/327th is Glider Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division and is an Glider-borne Trooper in WWII.

There exist three levels of uniform and equipment requirements, and a fourth optional level. The fourth level, while not required, will complete the impression satisfactorily, and is recommended for those who are exceptionally serious about their impression.

Levels One, Two, and Three must be verified by an Officer, the Quartermaster and one witness at one of the events attended in order to qualify for completion of that Level.

All clothing and equipment must be kept serviceable. All shirts, jackets and coats are required to have 101st Airborne Division insignia on left shoulder and rank insignia on both arms if applicable.


Level 1: D-Day Impression

Combat Clothing (Airborne)

Coat, Parachute Jumper, M1942*

Trousers, Parachute Jumper, M1942

Boots, Parachutist,

Russet Cap,

Garrison ("Overseas Cap"), Khaki, Cotton or OD, Wool with infantry piping

Undershirt, OD OR T-shirt, White

Tags, Identification ("Dog Tags"), notched, with neck chain and extension

Belt, Web, Waist, M1937, khaki w/EM open buckle

Gloves, Horsehide, Riding, M1938 or M1942


Brassard, Gas Detection

*M42 Jump Jacket should have 101st ABN patch on LEFT shoulder, early style dog chain preferred, NO 48 star flag.


Combat Clothing (Glider)

Coat, Field, M1941

Trousers, Wool Serge, EM, M1937

Shirt, Wool Serge, EM

Shoes, Service, Reverse Upper Leggings, M1938

Cap, Garrison ("Overseas Cap"), Cotton or OD, Wool with infantry piping

Undershirt, OD OR T-shirt, White

Tags, Identification ("Dog Tags"), notched, with neck chain and extension

Belt, Web, Waist, M1937, khaki w/EM open buckle

Brassard, Gas Detection

*M41 Jacket should have 101st ABN patch on LEFT shoulder.


Field Equipment

Helmet, Steel, M1C or M2 w/liner (khaki webbing) and leather chin cup* (Airborne)

Helmet, Steel, M1 (Khaki webbing) (Glider)*

Netting, Helmet, 1/2" weave

Packet, First Aid, Parachutist

Bag, Canvas, Field, M1936 ("Musette Bag"), khaki (Airborne)

Haversack, M1928 (Glider)

Suspenders, Belt, M1936, khaki Cover,

Canteen, M1910, khaki Canteen, M1910 or M1942 (aluminum or stainless steel)

Cup, Canteen, M1910 (aluminum or stainless steel)

Pouch, First Aid, M1910, M1924, or M1942, khaki Cover,

Entrenching Tool, M1943, khaki OR Cover,

Entrenching Tool, M1910 Tool,

Entrenching, M1943 OR

Tool, Entrenching, M1910

Tent, Shelter, Button, w/ ropes & pins (both halves required)

*Helmet should have 506th PIR ID (2" Spade on both sides, with "tick mark" at the 6 O’clock position relative to the Club) for Airborne, and 327th GlR ID (2" Club on both sides, with "tick mark" at the 6 O’clock position of the Club) for Glider.

Weapons Related

Knife, Fighting, M3 w/ M8 or M6 Scabbard

ONE OF THE FOLLOWING (select based on weapon carried)

Belt, Cartridge, M1923, khaki Belt, Automatic Rifle, M1937, khaki Belt, Pistol, M1936, khaki with the following: Bandoleer, Cotton, OD, M1 (for Garand) Pouch(es), Magazine, Riggers Made (For Carbine or Garand) (ABN Only) Pouch(es), Magazine, Thompson, 20-rd, or 30-rd Khaki Weapon, Shoulder Fired. M1 Garand is Primary Rifle (See Approved Weapons List) Bayonet if required (See Approved Weapons List)

Upon completing Level One, members are awarded the Airborne cap badge or Glider cap badge and are eligible to participate in the rank structure.


Level 2: Operation Market Garden to Berlin

Combat Clothing

Jacket, Field, M1943 Armband, 48 Star Flag, Pin-On Type Trousers, Field, M1943 (rigger-modified)

Winter Clothing (Bulge & Later)

Cap, Wool Knit, M1941 ("jeep cap") Sweater, Wool, High Neck (5 button), w/correct WWII-style buttons Scarf, Neck, Wool, (may also be made from a wool blanket) Gloves, Wool, OD, Leather Palm

Miscellaneous Field Gear

Can , Meat (mess kit), M1910, M1918, M1932 or M1942 Poncho, OD Wire Cutters, M1936, w/case Compass, Wrist OR Compass, Lensatic, Marching w/ case Sheet, Cotton, White (2) Blanket, Wool, OD, M1934 Roll, Sleeping, Blanket OR Bag, Sleeping (Arctic M-1942, Half Zip M-1944, Mountain M-1945) Bag, Duffel, OR Bag, Barracks

Upon completion of Level Two, the member receives the Regimental Oval and automatically receives the rank of Private First Class in accordance with Article II.

Level 3: Class “A” Impression

Coat, Wool Serge, 4-Pocket (Preferred), OR Jacket, Field, M1944 Trousers, Wool Serge, EM, M1937 Shirt, LS, Wool, OD#3 Tie, khaki, cotton or mohair Cap, Garrison ("Overseas Cap"), wool, OD, with infantry piping

Upon completion of Level Three, the member receives the Parachutist Badge (jump wings) or Glider Badge to be worn on the dress uniform only. Unless other rank is held, the member is also assigned the rank of Corporal in accordance with Article II.

Level 4 (not required, but will complete the impression)

Watch, Hack or Ordnance Flashlight, TL 122 (-A), (-B), (-C) Boots, Combat, M1943, 2-Buckle Overcoat, Wool Melton, OD Case, Jump, for Carbine, M1A1, khaki or OD (ABN Only) Holster Assembly, Parachutist's Rifle "Griswold Bag" (ABN Only) Holster, Hip, .45, M1916 Holster, Shoulder, .45, M3 OR Holster, Shoulder, .45, M7 Bag, General Purpose (GP or Ammo Bag) Disc, Helmet, Luminous Goggles, All Purpose, Polaroid Case, Map/Dispatch, M1938, khaki Binoculars, M3, w/case, M17 Knife, Pocket (switchblade), M2 Mask, Gas, Training, M2A1, w/"Kidney" bag Mask, Gas, Assault, M5, w/case, rubberized Rope, Parachutist's, (3/8" x 25', white cotton) Panel, Drop Zone Marker, A1-140B, w/case Footlocker, Plywood, OD Pick-Mattock, w/case. OD or khaki Web Gear, OD#7, including: Cartridge or Pistol Belt (as described in Level 1) Pouch, First Aid, M1942 Suspenders, Belt, M1943 Pack, Combat, M-1944 (Musette) Cover, Canteen, M1942 Cover, Entrenching Tool, M1943

Case, Wire Cutters Uniform, Parachute Jumper, "show quality" (ABN Only) Vest, Life, B4 Parachute, T5, w/ reserve (ABN Only)

Again, Level Four Requirements are not mandatory. However, it is hoped that members will take into consideration that this equipment will create an accurate Airborne / Glider impression, and will strive to obtain as many items listed herein as possible.

Approved Weapons

Individual Served:

U.S. Rifle, Caliber .30, M1, (Garand) U.S. Rifle, Caliber .30, M1903A4 w/ M73B1 Scope (Sniper) U.S. Carbine, Caliber .30, M1 OR M1A1 WWII Configuration (No bayonet lug or Type 3 rear sight) Rifle, Automatic, Browning, M1918, M1918A1 OR M1918A2 (BAR) Sub-Machinegun, M1928, M1, OR M1A1 (Thompson) Sub-Machinegun, M3 OR M3A1 (Grease-Gun) Pistol, Automatic, Cal .45, M1911 or M1911A1 Pistol, Revolver, Cal .45, M1917 Pistol, Revolver, Cal .38, M10 (Victory Model)

*First Rifle to acquire and carry is the M1 Garand. This is the PRIMARY Weapon.

**Pistol does not count toward Level One Weapon Requirement.

***M1C and M1D Sniper rifles are not approved for use as they entered the ETO during Occupation, not before V-E Day.

Crew Served:

Machine Gun, Caliber .30, Light, Air Cooled, M1919A4 OR M1919A6 Launcher, Rocket, Anti-tank, M1, M1A1, M9, OR M9A1 (Bazooka)

**Recoilless Rifles are not approved for use as they entered the ETO in late March 1945 and first saw combat at the end of April 1945 with the 17th ABN.


For U.S. Rifle, Caliber .30, M1 (Garand Only)

Bayonet, M1905, 16" Bayonet, M1905E1, 10" Bayonet, M1942, 16" Bayonet, M1942E1, 10" Bayonet, M1, 10"