D-Day (Conneaut) Uniform and Field Gear Checklist


Kit Items Conneaut OH 01



RED ITEMS are required items for each individual

YELLOW ITEMS are highly recommended (contact Chuck or Alden for assistance if need to borrow/acquire these)

GREEN ITEMS are optional

 check box   1.  M1928 Haversack

 check box   2.  Meat can pouch/mess kit/utensils

 check box   3.  M1923 cartridge belt or M1936 pistol belt

 check box   4.  M1924/42 Carlisle bandage pouch

 check box   5.  M1910 canteen, cup and cover

 check box    6.  M1 Garand bayonet or trench knife

 check box    7.  M1 helmet w/net and 327th trefoil

 check box    8.  M1910 T-handle or M-1943 E-tool

 check box    9.  M1 Garand or carbine w/cleaning kit

 check box   10. OD Blanket

 check box   11. Rain Poncho

 check box   12. Shelter half, pole, rope, pegs

 check box   13. GI underwear, shirts, socks

 check box   14. Shaving kit, face towel, soap

 check box   15. Toothbrush w/paste or powder

 check box   16. Sewing kit

 check box   17. Wire cutters

 check box   18. M6 gas mask bag

 check box   19. Gas mask

 check box   20. Flashlight

 check box   21. Handkerchief

Kit Items Conneaut OH 02

 check box  1. M37 Wool Shirt

 check box  2. Khaki Mohair Tie

 check box  3. M37 wool trousers

 check box  4. Garrison/Overseas cap w/Blue glider patch

 check box  5. Service Belt with open/blackened buckle

 check box  6. Leggings (Gators)

 check box  7. Service Shoes, Rough-outs, or Jump Boots (with Gators) are acceptable

Kit Items Conneaut OH 02

 check box  1. HBT Cap

 check box  2. 2nd pattern HBT Shirt

 check box  3. Service Belt

 check box  4. 2nd pattern HBT Trousers

 check box  5. Leggings (Gators)

 check box  6. Service boots, Rough-outs or Jump Boots (with Gators)

 check box  7. M37 Wool Shirt

 check box  8. M1941 Field Jacket

 check box  9. Gas Brassard


check box Ammunition (specific to your assigned weapon; prepare for ~1 ½ hrs. of continuous combat)

check box Cleaning/maintenance supplies for weapon

check box Pillow w/ white pillowcase

check box White bedsheet

check box Swim trunks/shorts

check box Soap/shampoo

check box Towel (preferably OD or white)

check box Sandals

check box Cot/stretcher

check box Duffel bag (please do not bring a full footlocker, we run out of room quickly)

check box Period camera/film equipment

check box Snacks/sports drinks

check box Beer/alcohol (we will have coolers for unit use)

check box Personal effects (cards, money, pictures from home, dice, stationery, aka “pocket junk”)

check box V-Mail (template will be posted, so write a letter to be mailed home. WE WILL HAVE MAIL CALL.)

check box Magazines/reading material

check box Army ID card (template will be posted)

check box Dog tags

check box Invasion waterproof bags for small arms

check box Extra shirt/socks/underwear