D-Day Conneaut General Rules & Authenticity Regulations

All Company Participants: Please read THIS PAGE first. <CLICK HERE>

 General Guidelines for 327th Members:

All WWII era re-enactors representing Axis and Allied forces of Western Europe in 1944 are invited to attend D-Day Conneaut. ETO and Home Front impressions and displays are welcome and encouraged. Participants are asked to refrain from wearing and displaying items not documented to the European Theater of Operations or US homefront. Educational materials and display boards, as well as tagged or labeled items intended for spectator’s education are permitted. The event authenticity guidelines have been developed to help D-Day Conneaut attain the highest quality WWII representation and living history experience for spectators and reenactors. The success of the event depends on the efforts of the participants and their cooperation in abiding by the safety and authenticity rules. Your cooperation and positive attitude in meeting or exceeding the authenticity guidelines is greatly appreciated. In the rare event, if a participant chooses to ignore the safety or authenticity requirements, the event organizers reserve the right to request the participant to terminate their involvement in the event.

The 327th GIR represents both continjents of the 327th GIR in general, but particularly the Heavy Weapons platoon which landed via the beachhead on June 6th, 1944 just after noon. The 327th landed with forces of the 4th Infantry Division due to lack of plane availability for the planned glider invasion.

For specific Uniform Items and guidelines, please CLICK HERE.